Month: October 2018

How companies can make the best out of data

In 2012, the sentence “data is the new oil” was publicly recorded for the first time. Its attribution is not certain, but the analogy deserves some reflection and explanation. Investor Ann Winblad said “Data is just like crude. It’s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used. It has to be changed into gas, plastic, chemicals, etc., to create a valuable entity that drives profitable activity; so must data be broken down, analysed for it to have value.” As of today, a lot of companies have realised there is value in data, but not many have yet understood how to maximise this value.

Attending to a lot of industry conferences, the majority of talks are around tools and techniques where data is used to make sales increase, costs decrease, to optimize clicks… but the feeling is that we are listening to isolated examples from some business unit leads who …

The Many Benefits of Buying A Coffee Shop Franchise

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business? Does the thought of having your business become a mainstay in the local area appeal to you? Starting a business and branching out as an entrepreneur is a common dream that many ambitious people of all ages aspire to make come true. However, starting a business is infinitely risky and there are many pitfalls that you could succumb to along the way. One excellent way to reduce your risk of failure in the world of business is the act of buying into a franchise. If you want to start a cafe, for example, you would benefit from buying into the best coffee shop franchise around. Let’s go ahead and break down the benefits and expectations that come along with buying into an established franchise.

Buying Into A Coffee Shop Franchise: A Complete Overview

There are countless ways to succeed in the …

Business Tools for Startups and Companies

In the “old days” business used to be done in a much more simple and relaxed way than today. The suit and tie were a must-have, in-person meetings were much more powerful and common than today, and without cellphones, communication was much more creative. In our present day, we use all sorts of phone systems, CRMs, email campaigns, and virtual assistant to handle the clients we don’t want to or have the time to communicate with. In this article we will be discussing some of the efficiency tools that we use today, such as phone systems from companies like MegaPath.

Business Tools

One of the most important tools we have at our fingertips, literally, is the smartphone. This device not only allowed Steve Jobs to be the first person you think of when you hear the word smart phone, but it has allowed people all over the world to …

The Best Advice About Businesses I’ve Ever Written

Helpful Tips for Boosting Your Sales

It follows that when consumers spend less to make ends meet, many business owners also struggle to survive. They will have smaller profit margins and they are constantly looking for ways to attract more customers and close more sales. If the company wants to generate leads and increase their sales, then they have to find creative and cost-effective ways to do so.

If you are looking for ways to increase your sales, then the tips given below are for you. The tips below are proven ways to help increase your business sales.

You can help increase the sales of your business by improving customer experience. If you make their buying experience simple and easy, then you can expect them to do business with you. You can frustrate your customers by asking for too any information upfront, before the buying process can be completed.

Simply …