5 quick ways you can make your small business eco friendly

Making your small business more eco-friendly isn’t just a good thing to do, it’s also part of a larger business strategy which, when done properly can help the local environment and also save you and your business money in the short and long term.

Encouraging eco-friendly solutions is also a sign of business leadership that can transmit to staff over time and have a larger impact which, we can all benefit from.

So what are the five quick ways you and your staff make your business eco-friendly? Here is our short guide.

1) Reduce water wastage

From kitchen sinks to the water you and your team drink, water wastage is a problem that businesses need to resolve. Done properly, these solutions, like Veolia Water Technologies, can help your business save money and save on waste water. Thinks like low flow toilets, to water meters which analyse and search for leaks and provide real-time information can make a drastic impact and take little to no time to install.

2) Go Paperless

If you want to reduce the amount of paper you are going through in the office, living in the early 21st Century is then the ideal time to do so! We all know people that love to print one to two lines on a piece of paper, however, these aren’t just the ones responsible for waste. Printing double-sided is still a waste of material.

Solutions like Dropbox and We Transfer are great for sharing large files, especially PDFs and presentations. These cloud solutions like Google Drive and iDrive are the perfect paperless solution and take very little time to set up.

3) Organise your waste

More and more people are recycling but businesses are still behind the times, especially offices. One of the big wins and quick ones is installing different bin solutions to drop your office waste into these specific bins.

From organic waste from lunches to plastic and paper separation units. Studies have shown when systems like this are implemented in the office, the uptake in your employee’s life is on average three times more likely to happen! A positive impact for all.

4) Teleconferencing

We understand that businesses like to meet face to face and we would advocate that where and when it is possible to do so, you must. However, travel, air travel, in particular, can not only be time-consuming but massively damaging to the environment.

The fastest and easiest solution is to start teleconferencing. The technology in the last ten years has massively improved with teleconferencing suites in most major hotels and even from your camera-enabled computers and phones. It’s a sensible, quick and cost-effective solution.

5) Add real plants

They’re not just pretty to look, they help absorb air pollutions and help with oxygen flows. Whether on the inside and near where people are working or on the outside of the building near traffic, plants help make the environment better conditioned for everyone – just keep them watered!