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5 quick ways you can make your small business eco friendly

Making your small business more eco-friendly isn’t just a good thing to do, it’s also part of a larger business strategy which, when done properly can help the local environment and also save you and your business money in the short and long term.

Encouraging eco-friendly solutions is also a sign of business leadership that can transmit to staff over time and have a larger impact which, we can all benefit from.

So what are the five quick ways you and your staff make your business eco-friendly? Here is our short guide.

1) Reduce water wastage

From kitchen sinks to the water you and your team drink, water wastage is a problem that businesses need to resolve. Done properly, these solutions, like Veolia Water Technologies, can help your business save money and save on waste water. Thinks like low flow toilets, to water meters which analyse and search for …

7 Tips for Getting Right Bike Insurance for Road Trip This Winter

Road trips are always fun, aren’t they? And for a biker to travel on the two-wheeler through the less-travelled routes is a charm in itself. If you are planning to go on a road trip this winter, make sure your bike has a good insurance cover in place. Many issues can pop up when you travel on the road and its best to stay prepared. Take a look at this article to know how a two-wheeler insurance plan can help you in your journey.

Tips to get the right bike insurance cover

Going on a two wheeler road trip is exciting but dangerous as well. You need to keep the following tips in mind for purchasing or renewing your bike insurance policy that is affordable yet provides extensive coverage:

  1. Get sufficient insurance: Ensure you have a comprehensive insurance cover. A third party insurance plan may not be sufficient on

When Is the Best Time to Buy Motorcycle Insurance?

There are very few modes of transportation that are as handy as a motorcycle. This is perhaps the reason why we find so many people riding two wheelers in India. A bike or a scooter is affordable and easy to use. It takes you from one place to the other in a smooth and efficient manner. However, a two-wheeler is also vulnerable to accidents. If you have been planning to buy a two wheeler of your own, do remember to insure it properly. Not only is it legally compulsory for you to get an insurance cover, it is also a very wise thing to do. An insurance plan covers your bike and offers all the required protection.

When should you buy a two wheeler insurance plan?

Let us understand when and how you should buy the perfect vehicle insurance cover for your bike:

  • When you buy the vehicle: As

Know why car insurance is mandatory in India by law

Cars have become a necessity in today’s age. From a luxury item, cars have slowly taken the place of a necessity product just like a mobile phone.

However, in order to drive a car in India, there is a lot more that you need to take care of, other than the traffic, which is not in your control. However, keeping the PUC or insurance papers handy and driving license in your pocket, is definitely in your control. Driving is quite a task in India, but we can avoid the other paraphernalia concerns surrounding it if we have a proper insurance coverage for the same. This is especially true if your vehicle is new! In such cases having a new car insurance works well.

Suppose you hit a lamp post while reversing or a speeding car hits your car while crossing the road. Whom do you blame for the damage or …

Online Teaching – Be an Online Teacher and Earn

Today the measurements to teach have modified a lot. Originally knowledge intended learning with the help of pencils and guides, nowadays with the help of technology and the world wide web Education has a new face. It has become more intriguing and friendlier.

With just about everything available on the world wide web one can now even study online. There are many of companies which are cashing on this idea and they have come up with an idea of online tutoring. Typically tutoring intended having a person tutor teaches either in school or at home. However, now one can tutor online at the comfort of components. The advantage here is double, that is both teachers and the tutor connect through the world wide web and need not go to an educational costs center.

The advantage of this online job is that it is extremely versatile and allows one to function …