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Types of Anchor Chains

Fibers are no longer used in anchoring ships or boats while at sea. The use of chains or anchor chains is now more common today compared to the use of fibres in anchoring ships and boats at sea. There are different varieties of chains being used in anchoring ships and boats while at sea.

These different varieties of anchor chains include the zinc plated chain, the vinyl coated chain, and the hot dip galvanized chain. The most preferred anchor chain among the three varieties is the hot dip galvanized chain due to its high resistance to corrosion.

The zinc plated chain is mainly sold in all hardware stores and is sometimes referred to as an all purpose chain. This chain is shinier than the hot dip galvanized chain. Another reason why the hot galvanized chain is preferred more than the zinc plated chain is because the hot dip galvanized chain is cheaper. Lastly, the vinyl coated chain is mainly built for areas like swing sets and playgrounds. It is important to note that the vinyl coated chain is recommended when you can annually replace it.

It does not matter the type of anchor chain you buy, all anchor chains work in the same way. The anchor chains dig into the bottom of the immovable ship or boat instead of holding it. Because of flukes, an anchor chain can dig into the rock bottom of the immovable ship or boat.

One amazing reason why anchor chains are used is because of the strengthening factor. Take note that the anchor chains have the biggest weight to working load ratio. The second reason for using anchor chains is that they possess a windlass calibration that any wildcat with an HT can be merged with the chains.

Furthermore, the links created by the anchor chains are able to get rid of tangling in any locker. A downward force on the shank helps in setting a ship at a quicker and more reliable rate.
The fourth benefit of using the anchor chains is that they ensure that the rodes lie horizontally instead of upwards once set. Using anchor chains is helpful since they transfer energy to the anchor handles. Lastly, the anchor chains are important since the permit the breakaway release method to be used and reduces the probability of losing an anchor chain that has stuck.

If you want to achieve the best results when using anchor chains, make sure to consider the following tips. It is important that you inspect your chain regularly. One important thing to inspect is whether the wildcats and links are merged. Furthermore, check whether the wildcat has a stripper and a steel bar that disconnects the chain from the wildcat. Finally, it is important to ensure that the end of the anchor chain is connected to a vessel.

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