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Some Great Visual Merchandising Tips for Retailers

Nothing can beat the feeling of going to a clean building with a good outfit and polished fixtures immediately you go into a store. It is said that 90% of the brain is visual and it then goes that retail has its sights set on excellent merchandising. Motivate consumers to love their experience as they shop and learn to increase revenue with these suggestions we have shared below.

Powerful store displays are where it all starts. An outfit put on the mannequin which is well-made and attractive will attract the attention of shoppers who pass by. The entire store is an opportunity even though you could start with an attractive fitting on the mannequin. Think about the design of the floor. Is your store using the space to draw different clients to pick many pieces?

Gondola shelves are one of the fixtures which are least used. Even though gondola shelves are heavy, they might be customized with gondola shelving parts so as to use the space wisely. You can add more opportunities and outfits by including gondola shelves next to a potent merchandising wall display. As an example, maybe the mannequin has a gorgeous blouse and trouser combination on it. Utilize the gondola shelves to display the shorts which will match the blouse properly. Conversely, you could show more casual pants which go with the blouse.

When it concerns visual merchandising, the magic number is three. Over the normal aesthetic benefit, displaying it in three’s provides the merchandisers with the opportunity to work with the asymmetry. Asymmetry has a subconscious effect on our attention span. You could note that you have a tendency of going to the displays that have two tall mannequins and two shorter ones on either side as you go for shopping. This is not done without a reason. Asymmetry draws our attention to what is being displayed. Our brains naturally loves symmetry and hence when something is not symmetrical, we are drawn to it.

Light does a lot more than highlighting the details of a piece of clothing or accessory. A specific lighting will affect how we think and our mood. When retailers create an atmosphere through retail lighting, they can encourage sales. For instance, some fixtures can have a better appearance in a certain light. Some products can have a luxurious look when you use back lighting. Ambient lighting will encourage shoppers to walk a bit slower and soak in the experience.

Rather than hiding the cost, try to include the price points in the product display. They are an excellent idea and typically, the customer is seeking for price points. Display deals near the front door draw shoppers to the shop. To display the prices, use merchandising tactics. You can even place the price point of a high-ticket item at the front and center.