When Is the Best Time to Buy Motorcycle Insurance?

There are very few modes of transportation that are as handy as a motorcycle. This is perhaps the reason why we find so many people riding two wheelers in India. A bike or a scooter is affordable and easy to use. It takes you from one place to the other in a smooth and efficient manner. However, a two-wheeler is also vulnerable to accidents. If you have been planning to buy a two wheeler of your own, do remember to insure it properly. Not only is it legally compulsory for you to get an insurance cover, it is also a very wise thing to do. An insurance plan covers your bike and offers all the required protection.

When should you buy a two wheeler insurance plan?

Let us understand when and how you should buy the perfect vehicle insurance cover for your bike:

  • When you buy the vehicle: As stated, you need to insure your bike as soon as you purchase it. Every new two wheeler needs a two wheeler insurance plan. Your bike dealer may offer you a insurance plan, but do not accept it blindly. Compare and look for better online two wheeler insurance plans. Find a plan that is suitable and economical as well.
  • Look for seasonal deals: Many a time, you get seasonal discounts on bike insurance plans. Around the time of Diwali or New Year, you get many deals. This is because people tend to buy more vehicles at this time. And to attract customers, the insurance companies offer attractive discounts and deals. Keep an eye out on such deals and you may just end up getting your bike insurance cover at a much lower rate.
  • Look for online offers: Did you know that you can buy bike insurance online? Yes, you can and you can also get the online two wheeler insurance plans at a much lower cost. The online plans are easy to buy. There is no broker involved and you get to deal directly with the insurance provider.

These are some of the best times at which you can buy a good vehicle insurance plan for your beloved two wheeler. This way, you will get the right kind of cover and you won’t have to pay an exorbitant price as well.

Reasons why it is important to buy the plan at the right time

Here are some reasons why you need to buy your bike insurance online at the right time:

  • To stay protected: You simply cannot afford to stay without a bike insurance cover. Even if you remain uninsured for a single day, it may be catastrophic. Can you imagine how much loss you will have to incur if your bike has an accident on that very day? So, look for a comprehensive bike insurance online plan and stay protected at all times.
  • To save money: This is the primary reason for you to look for the right insurance plan at the right time. You have to buy a two wheeler insurance plan, be it today or tomorrow. But if you can find the plan at a time when the insurer offers a discount, you will end up saving a lot of money.
  • To stay on the right side of the law: It is mandatory to avail bike insurance. Failing to do so can land you in legal trouble. Keep renewing the policy before its expiry.

The final word

Keep these important points in mind and look for a good insurance plan for your bike. Start exploring and see what your best options are. Research, compare, buy, renew and stay insured.